The Carl Grubbs On-line Tutoring Service

Jazz Improvisation Studies

A Series of 5 – 10 sessions offering the intermediate to advanced student of JAZZ the theory and harmony of Jazz Improvisation, an opportunity to study with a professional musician.

The Jazz Improvisation Sessions are open to all interested musicians:

students, amateur jazz musicians, as well as other professionals.

The Session will be given by Carl Grubbs, a musician skilled in alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet and piano as well as an accomplished composer and arranger.


1. Student will learn and play different styles of jazz music

2. Student will learn the history of jazz music

3. Student will learn music scales and chords, harmony and theory

4. Student will learn improvisational techniques and skills

PRICING:  $75.00 per 30 minute session, (5) sessions for $375, (10) sessions for $750

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(30) Minute Sessions